Interesting stuff and blog roll updates

A Skepchick post pointed me to this article, BlackLight Power has buyer for ‘magical’ energy source. I hope the Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative doesn’t loose too much money on this scam scheme. I know New Mexico is loaded with pseudoscientific research centers but before they invested their communities cash they should have taken advice from some of NM’s real scientists.

Mike of Hyphoid Logic pointed out that the Royal Society Digital Archives are free until 2/1/09. Here’s the main search page and a search for articles by one of my favorite Royal Society scientists.

Skeptico’s post about DECT lead me to adding another blog to my reading and now my blog roll, Techskeptic’s Data Daily. These posts, DECT scares, Platinum Free Fuel Cells, Class 1M radiation are samples of recent work by Techskeptic that I feel are excellent.

Robert X. Cringely’s time with PBS has come to an end but I can keep reading him at his new home, the blog roll link has been updated.

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  1. Your welcome and thanks for pointing out the older post about BlackLight Power. Another good post, the comment responses were very well done too, respectful, honest and informative.


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