This is Sad

Been there done that, although I’m lucky that I haven’t had to do it in many decades.

Medical care is one of those things Americans skimp on when money is tight, the Federal Reserve noted. Among the types of medical care Americans put off, dental care was the most skipped, with 21 percent of American adults saying they put off dentist visits last year. That was followed by 16 percent of adults saying they skipped seeing a doctor or specialist. Ten percent said they didn’t fill prescription medication, 10 percent said they skipped follow-up care, and another 10 percent said they skipped mental health care.

More and more Americans are skipping medical care due to money woes | Ars Technica

RIP Capron Pond?

This morning I read about the problem at Capron Pond in Smithfield RI. I’d visited via the Stillwater Scenic Trail back in 2018 and took this picture of the dam.

After examining historical satellite imagery of the watershed in Google Earth Desktop, I’m not sure the pond will survive in it’s traditional form. I say traditional because this is a mill pond so it hasn’t been a natural habitat since 1895 1.

The historical imagery shows pretty clearly that this tiny section of the Woonasquatucket River has changed levels many times from droughts and floods. So I think it’s unlikely anyone will be able to make a persuasive argument from an environmental perspective that the dams’ gate must be fixed.

Many dams are opened up, or removed, every year in the Blackstone River watershed to stop or prevent damage to property, or reduce dam maintenance costs. I felt very bad when the beaver dam in the Dark Swamp was taken out and many species lost their habitat, like is now happening at Capron Pond.

There are a few ways I see this ending with a traditional level of water being maintained in Capron Pond. The first and fastest is if the current dam owner decides it’s in their best interest to raise the water level. The next fastest way is for the residents who border the pond to buy the dam and take over the maintenance. An option that could take many years to implement is convincing the town of Smithfield to buy the dam for recreational and historical purposes.

I wish the best of luck to the residents as they try to work out this issue.

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Valley Breeze Articel: Resident at Capron Pond seeks help with failed dam control door

Crazy Man Takes Advantage of Lax State Environmental Protection/Enforcement

Only the craziest of people truly believe that Southern New Englanders will need to grow their own food to survive in the next 50 years.

Brady this week reasserted his right to cut trees on his own property, saying he remains committed to the idea of creating a farm here that will produce food during a difficult future where there will be a great need for people to grow their own.

Trees keep coming down; developer insists he’s creating a farm | News |

Tucker Carlson Admits He’s a Racist

Here’s the quote, emphasis mine.

Anyone who is still a fan of his should now openly admit their racism, or at least their support of racist assholes. There are NOT good people on both side like Trump claims. All neo-Nazis, neo-confederates, KKK members and members of bigoted hate groups, are very bad people period.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching video of people fighting on the street in Washington. A group of Trump guys surrounded an Antifa kid and started pounding the living shit out of him. It was three against one, at least. Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously. It’s not how white men fight.

Tucker Carlson had to go because his racist text cost Rupert Murdoch money – Media Nation

Why I Believe All Cats must be Kept Indoors

I like cats a lot, but domestic cats can be very skilled hunters and the last thing I want is cats being the extinction cause of the New England Cottontail because I love native wildlife more. (there is no way to know whether this is a New England Cottontail or an introduced Eastern Cottontail)

The bunny is very close to the trap camera so the cat looks much smaller than it is. From other pictures and seeing that cat IRL, I know it is large enough to take down a rabbit. Fortunately the next shot a few minutes later shows the cat walking away so I believe the bunny escaped this close call.

Another reason I’m pretty sure this rabbit escaped is because it dens under my porch and yesterday I nearly stepped on two baby bunnies in my yard. Based on the season I’m guessing they were just heading out on their own from the years first litter.