Hi, my name is Paul Hutchinson, welcome to my blog.

This blog supplements the more permanent information that is on my main web site.

Often I encounter news in trade journals and elsewhere that I think may be of interest to friends and colleagues. When I finally see the person I wish to tell, I have totally forgotten about the news story. Later when I finally remember or, as often happens, the person mentions the news, I can never seem to find the news story again.

So, I started this blog as a place for me write about those news stories that I think others will find interesting. With the information stored in a blog I should be able to find it later when I need it.

Since I’ve gone to the effort to set this up, I will also use it to state my general opinions on current topics (read as ranting and raving).

Feel free to comment on anything here but be forewarned that you will need to have your comment approved by me before it will appear. I’m going this way so that I don’t have to worry about blog spam and/or getting letters from lawyers about something on my domain that I didn’t write. As long as your comments are on topic and not obscene or libelous I promise to post them. Also, on rejected comments I will try to contact the poster to let them know why I rejected it and give them an opportunity to revise the comment so that I can post it without fear of litigation. Update 8/6/10, I’ve added Comment Link Manager so, commenters with 3 or more comments will not get the WordPress default nofollow tags on their URL’s. Update 2008, To help slow the spam comments problem, I’ve set the blog to close comments on posts automatically after 30 days of no approved comments. If you want to comment on an older post send me an email and I’ll start a new thread for your comment.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog,

Paul Hutch

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