Change User Account Name and Picture in Vista

Here’s the way I use to change the user name and image in the Vista start menu.

Click the Windows button (start button) in the task bar and then click the user picture.

Vista Start Menu

This next screen opens, click the option you want to change.

Vista User Accounts Screen

If you chose to change the picture you’ll get a window that is very easy to figure out.

If you chose the change the account name, Next you’ll see this dialog, click on continue.

Vista User Account Control Dialog

Here’s where you change the name.

Vista Change Names Screen

Changing the user name will not change the disk drive folder name, DO NOT go and change the folder manually you’ll break your Vista installation in many ways. For more information and links to instructions on changing the user folder name see this post, How to Change a User Account Name in Vista at the Vista Forums site

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