The Future of AI

As AI progresses companies will be able to have lower skilled employees successfully pull off work that required much more expensive skilled workers. This will allow companies to reduce their overall payroll, making the rich and poor richer and the middle class poorer.

This prediction is based on personal experience of technology impacts on my co-workers during my 40+ year career and the one fixed rule of capitalism. The rule is best expressed by the mom on Malcolm in the Middle, Lois Nolastname.

Lois: “I’ll tell you what they’re going to pay you, they’re going to pay you what all jobs pay, less than you’re worth and just enough to keep you crawling back for more.”

Finally Negative

I tested again on Friday the 13th, the test result was less clear than Thursday (couldn’t see it in a photo). It looked like a very very very faint positive and since I still had a runny nose, sneezed a lot, and felt a little off I had to count it as a positive and cancel my hopes for a hike on Sunday😭

Today I had my first negative result, if I have another negative result in 48 hours I’m free 😊

Still Positive

On the 12th day I’m still showing positive 😦

It’s an extremely faint line at “T” but that counts.

Two days ago I tested and the test line was as dark as the control line. From what I’ve read on the net from normally reliable sources, it’s likely the infection is almost completely gone, assuming I did all three test with the same accuracy.

Not So Happy New Year for Me

I added the “P” with sharpie after the test results showed to make sure we didn’t accidently mix up my test with the test my sister was taking right after me. She tested negative but my result is preventing her from attending a long anticipated party with older friends this year 😦

I’m 63, in good health, and have had my 5 shots (initial 2 plus 3 boosters). My symptoms are very mild, minor sore throat and half degree fever. So there is a very high probability that I’ll recover fine on my own. I am now wearing a KN95 mask whenever I leave my bedroom and home office.

Heat Doesn’t Rise

“Heat rises” is a fairly common phrase but anyone who has ever soldered knows it’s false. Heat flows from hot areas to less hot areas.

“Hot air rises” is better than the shorter phrase because this is most often the case here on planet earth. However it is not always correct, if the surrounding air is also hot there is no movement.

The most accurate phrase to express this idea is, “heated air rises”. But that doesn’t roll off the tongue well, most people will never learn soldering, and when the surrounding air is the same temperature who cares, so “heat rises” will have to do. 🙂

We Blew It

What does the existence of these new subvariants mean for the pandemic? First, basically – we blew it. Our COVID response was not a complete failure, but the initial response was, and later compliance was simply not enough to really knock down the virus. Lackluster vaccination rates are what has allowed these subvariants to multiply.

Go read the rest, The Subvariants Are Coming | Science-Based Medicine, then go get vaccinated/boosted,