Happy Birthday Celcius

Anders Celsius was born on November 27th, 1701 in Uppsala, Sweden. If you don’t already know and love the Celcius temperature scale (previously known as centigrade) then you must be a US citizen and have not studied any technical subjects in depth. 😉 The commonly used SI derived unit for temperature is named Celsius in his honor. There are many good biographies available on the web so, I won’t write up a separate one here, see the following links.


History of astronomy in Uppsala

The Sky over Berlin

Project Galactic Guide




Other Articles about Celcius:

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From Around The Net

I’m too busy for regular blogging so here’s some stuff that caught my eye in blogs I regularly read.

UN doesn’t believe there should be freedom of speech, and all this time I thought they were advocates for human rights. I like much of what the UN has done over the decades but this is ridiculous. Hyphoid Logic: “Blaspheme” While You Still Can & The Bronze Blog: F@#* This S*#@!

Nisbet’s political correctness is outrageous, denialism blog : Cranks cry persecution, Nisbet listens.

NCCAM should be abolished, why are we wasting money on this crap? denialism blog : NCCAM: the not-even-wrong agency

The 100th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, Respectful Insolence: The trouble with Orac

Firefox PageUp and PageDown keys bug

I found that the page up/down keys stopped working for me in Firefox. Searching around I discovered that caret browsing mode had been turned on and it’s had a bug since 2003. Caret browsing mode is not supposed to alter the page keys but some bug in caret mode breaks the page keys operation.

The fix is to turn off caret browsing mode by pressing F7.

You can also turn off the mode with this setting, “Tools – Options – Advanced – General / Accessibility – “Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages””.

Bug 205846 – caret eventually gets stuck when trying to scroll with PageDown / PageUp keys

Mozilla/Gecko Keyboard Navigation Proposal