Migration in Process

I’m migrating my blog from self hosting on my shared Linux host Go Daddy domain to this shiny new version hosted by WordPress. I originally set it up back in October 2005 on AK Web Hosting (now out of business) and migrated ti to Go Daddy in 2006. It was fun learning how to do all the maintenance work. However the maintenance work has become drudgery and the ancient install started throwing more PHP errors than I wanted to figure out how to fix. After seeing ads on the TWIT network  I decided to come here where I pay experts to manage the drudgery for me.

Unfortunately I took the old site down over a month ago so I couldn’t do an easy export/import. I had to restore the site to a local install, and since I didn’t take the time to make the local install accessible out side the LAN, the images didn’t come through. Also likely do to the character set changes over the last decade some apostrophes and quotation marks didn’t translate properly. I’ll be working through the old pages and fixing the quote marks and replacing the images for a while.

The migration is complete! If you see any problems let me know.

Irrational Wikipedia Hater

I ran into this post on the old CNET forums today and I had to laugh (bolding mine).

First off by Jimmy Greystone

First off, always remember an important Internet axiom: Your right to be taken seriously is forfeit if you quote Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is rife with misinformation, bad information, and flat out WRONG information. It’s made by people just like you and me, who may like to think we know more on a subject than we really do.

Case in point: you clearly do not understand the difference between logical and physical processors, because the Wikipedia article is actually correct, and answers your question.

He slams Wikipedia for allegedly being wrong about almost everything while saying it was absolutely correct on this topic. Dear Jimmy, wake up and face reality, Wikipedia is as good as any paper encyclopedia and it is way easier to check its references than those in a traditional paper encyclopedia. A good rule of thumb is that as long as it’s not a political or current events topic Wikipedia usually gets the basic facts correct. If the accuracy is important then simply check the references in the Wikipedia article and if they or the article needs fixing please help out by fixing it rather than complain and slam Wikipedia.

Hiking as Physical Therapy

Fourteen months ago I broke my right ankle while on a pleasure walk with my family at Purgatory Chasm. The force of the break was so bad that it sent a pressure wave up my fibula leaving a small fracture under my kneecap. Unfortunately for me the ER doctor did a bad job on the splint which left my skin so badly damaged that the surgeon had to wait three weeks for my skin to heal before he could operate on me. I had three screws put in the ankle but also got the bad news that two of the screws where going to have to come out later if I ever wanted to walk without a bad limp. I got started on physical therapy but I couldn’t progress very far because the ankle just couldn’t flex enough with the two temporary screws in place. I did get to the point of being able to climb the stairs to get to my bedroom and home office and then to only using one crutch by Christmas.

The last week of December I had the two screws removed and by the middle of January I was back on one crutch and able to re-start physical therapy the last week of the month. By the middle of March I’d used up all the physical therapy insurance would cover and was walking well and driving again. Knowing it was going to take a long time and a lot of work to get my ankle as flexible as it could be, my therapist and I discussed options for continuing self therapy. Since the best therapy is something you will actually stick with (almost everyone gets bored and stops too soon) we decided I would do a bunch of rough terrain hiking to really work the ankle flexibility. The plan was that as soon as the snow was gone (couldn’t risk a slip on snow and ice) I’d start slowly with short easy mostly flat trails then as I felt more confident and comfortable I’d increase the distances and terrain roughness. A few very important conditions were placed on me by the therapist, first I needed to get good tall hiking boots to provide excellent ankle support for both legs. Next I had to wear my soft orthopedic ankle brace inside the boot as added protection for my injured ankle in case I fell. I was also told to use a walking stick to help prevent me from falling when traversing rocky and hilly terrain. The final condition was that I had to be careful and not push too hard, it ‘s OK to be sore and tired but if I caused pain in the ankle I’d probably slow my getting it back into shape.

As everyone living in the valley remembers we had massive amounts of snow last winter so the trails and woods weren’t clear of snow until very late this year. Waiting for the snow to melt and a weekend day with no rain kept me from getting started until April 12th. My first hike was the easy heart healthy Bird Blind and Cedar Swamp trails in the Wallum Lake Park area of the Douglas State Forest. This hike was only 2 miles but it was challenging enough to give the ankle a good work out and fun enough to make we want to do more. Needing a goal to keep me motivated all year I decided I would task myself with locating, hiking and mapping every foot of trails in the Douglas State Forest. As of last weekend I’ve finished the trails in the DSF as well as most of the trails in the adjoining Mine Brook Wildlife Management Area and bordering private properties. My injured ankle is nearly as flexible as the other one, I’ve rebuilt most of the atrophied muscles in the leg, and now after hikes it’s other body muscles and joints that are more likely to be sore than my ankle or leg. I can now hike 9 miles in a day over very rough terrain and average 17 miles per weekend. My total hiking distance for the year so far is 210 miles. Another great thing is I’ve lost more than 20 of the extra pounds I gained while I was on crutches.

Sorry I Tried to Help

A guy over on Google+ posted a rant to the LibreOffice Community and at first I didn’t reply because it seemed like he didn’t have a problem just a complaint. I’m not the type to tell people, sign up as a developer and help them implement this feature you want, or call him an lazy idiot for complaining instead of doing the obvious work around.

Well after a few other people replied the original poster modified his position and made it seem like there was no way for him to set it up to be easier to use for his 8 year old son. This was when I replied and pointed out to him how he can easily accomplish it. His reply to me was rude and insulting, that’s the risk you take when you try to help people on the internet. No good deed goes unpunished . 😦

Updated Google Earth Files

I’ve not posted much about the BRVNHC here, or on my static site, in the past couple years due to other things taking up my free time. Much of my non-work time had to go towards items related to the death of my older brother in 2013, recovering from breaking my right ankle very badly last August (two surgeries last one at years end, just started driving again last month) and fixing long neglected IT infrastructure. Now that I’m on my own for therapy I’m getting a little free time back so I hope to post updates more frequently this year.

I’ve updated two of the BRVNHC Google Earth files this week. The first is a very minor edit, I added the proposed canal restoration in Worcester to the Waterways file. The other is more substantial and comes about due to my self therapy for ankle/knee recovery. I hiked 3 miles on the Burrillville Bike Path and trails with my brother, my youngest niece and her boyfriend this past weekend. In preparation for the hike I drew the path/trails in Google Earth and then used GPS Essentials to track and document the hike. I’ve added the Burrillville Bike Path to the Bike Trails file and also updated the introductory info for the SNETT.

Too Many Penn State Students are Amoral

It disgusts me that students would want to keep employed a disgusting man who through his unwillingness to act allowed the sexual abuse of multiple children. I guess they feel that football is more important than the safety of children.

There is no valid excuse for Paterno’s actions and no apology can make up for his ignoring the actions of his subordinate. Maybe he thought that ignoring the issue made him a good Catholic Conservative Republican, after all many Conservative Republican Catholics still support the scumbag Cardinal Law who acted the same way around the same time.

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Blog vs. Post = Magazine vs. Article

I’m getting very annoyed at a re-definition that is becoming popular. Many people on the internet are now using the noun blog to refer not only to a web log but also to the individual posts within a web log. This is just like referring to the articles within a magazine as magazines, it’s ridiculous.

From what I’ve found the trend started with MySpace, rather than have a button that said post article, entry, or page they made their new entry button say post blog.

Everyone please stop trying to confuse the situation, use the word blog as it is defined. Refer to the individual entries in a blog as either, posts, entries, articles, stories, pages or one of the many existing synonyms.



American Heritage Dictionary via Answers.com



Expanded Bigotry in Fulton Mississippi

The Itawamba County School District School Board Members, Eddie Hood, Jackie Nichols, Harold Martin, Clara Brown & Tony Wallace must be very proud today. Their promotion of bigotry against a lesbian student has encouraged expansion of the bigotry to the learning disabled as well. The parents and students have taken the lead and shown their hatred for not only LGBT persons but also the learning disabled by sending them to a separate prom away from all the good Mississippi bigots.

See more of this story at Human Rights Campaign and sign their petition today.

I’m sure the entire staff of the high school is very pleased with the way the community has learned to treat the learning disabled and LGBT teens. It’s the same way they treated non-white people less than fifty years ago, confederate states pride in action.
Itawamba Agricultural High School
11900 Hwy. 25 South
Fulton, MS  38843
Mr. Trae Wiygul, Principal
Mr. Rick Mitchell, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Pam Wheeler, Office Administrator
Mrs. Cindy Johnson, Office Administrator
And the teachers:
Mrs. Blake
Mrs. Bridgett Cash
Mrs. Cheryl
Mrs. Patricia Coker
Mrs. Cooley
Ms. Candi Cross
Mrs. Chamblee
Coach Benji Ewing
Mr. Jeff Gray
Mrs. Holcomb
Mrs. Kristin Holley
Mr. Chris Johnson
Mr. Joseph Jones
Mr. Danny Oswalt
Mrs.Sandy Prestage
Ms. Debra Ramey
Mrs. Cindy Tomlin
Mrs. Dedra Thomas
Mrs. Linda Woods
Dustin Wren

If any of the listed officials publicly denounces this situation then please contact me and I will remove your name from this list of Itawamba County government employees who encourage bigotry.

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I Tried Facebook

I signed up for Facebook to LOL at some idiotic comments pointed out by the JREF Forums about a month back. Then I spent some time getting the profile information set up since some of my family was using it already. Facebook finally exceed my tolerance for badly designed web services when I was unsuccessful in adding a profile picture after multiple attempts over 30 minutes this morning. I then tried adding the same photo to my Google Profile and sure enough it took only a few seconds to get it done. So I’ve deleted my Facebook account so that I don’t waste any more time on a badly setup web service which didn’t provide me with useful features anyway.