The Future of AI

As AI progresses companies will be able to have lower skilled employees successfully pull off work that required much more expensive skilled workers. This will allow companies to reduce their overall payroll, making the rich and poor richer and the middle class poorer.

This prediction is based on personal experience of technology impacts on my co-workers during my 40+ year career and the one fixed rule of capitalism. The rule is best expressed by the mom on Malcolm in the Middle, Lois Nolastname.

Lois: “I’ll tell you what they’re going to pay you, they’re going to pay you what all jobs pay, less than you’re worth and just enough to keep you crawling back for more.”

Totally Misleading Headline

EE Times Headline: Automotive Industry Looks Beyond EVs for Decarbonization

A more accurate headline: Chevron, Ferrari & McLaren are looking at alternatives to batteries.

I suppose other fossil fuel companies and super car manufacturers are doing the same. However listening to those super car companies about anything related to climate change is like paying attention to the flea on its back instead of the lion that is pouncing on you. And listening to fossil fuel companies who are the overwhelming cause of the global climate crisis is like listening to the advice of an abusive partner.

Always remember, if humanity had never dug up fossil fuels and released their carbon we would not have this climate crisis now, period.

Why WordPress Hosting Sucks

Unless you are willing to pay way too much money, $300/year, you are stuck with these very crappy limitations and non-competitive pricing.

  • You are stuck with the horribly inefficient Gutenberg block editor with no way to avoid it.
  • The price for domain names is way too high, double or more than other providers. At least with this feature I can move my custom domain away from WordPress before the next renewal.
  • You are stuck with their crappy Jetpack statistics instead of the free excellent Google Analytics

The main reason I switched was for the timely, accurate, security updates. This is needed since the underlying software is so riddled with security problems. If you don’t monitor your site for updates and breaches on daily basis you’ll soon be hacked.

Before the next renewal I’m going to have to research newer hosting services to see if any are as good from a monitoring/update perspective. Otherwise I’ll just have to renew for another year and put up with the stupid block editor and Jetpack analytics for another year while I finish migrating all my stuff to ultra secure static sites built with Hugo.

Woman Confesses that Her Father Ran a Very Nasty Unsanitary and Unsafe Business

Nicole Gasparro said she is a retailer from East Providence, and she also worked, as a youngster, for her father’s business in Massachusetts, where empty containers were accepted in exchange for deposits. She said the situation was terrible: dregs in unwashed bottles created a stench and drew bugs, ants, and flies. People would get into fistfights trying to claim unattended bottles. She even saw bottles used as weapons. The store had to call police frequently. Customers had to do their shopping surrounded by the smell of rotting trash.“It was terrifying to employees,” Gasparro said. “Nobody wants to work in those conditions.”

Bottle Bill Debate Returns to Rhode Island – ecoRI News

Wow, I’ve been in so many stores in Massachusetts since a decade before the bottle came here and not once have I experienced anything remotely like that. Hopefully her incompetent family went bankrupt and closed it down.

Mastodon Showed Promise but I Gave Up

Back when Twitter first appeared on the net I’d only been blogging for half a year and I just couldn’t see the point in micro-blogging. Other than quick links or short jokes, I could see nothing worthwhile in texting to a global audience with a 140 character limit. When they doubled the post size in 2017 I thought it’s closer to a useful limit but not close enough for me to bother with.

Over the years it became very clear to me that Twitter was really just a place for the various left, right and center outrage brigades to organize and whine about things regardless of the facts. I also saw it was the most effective vehicle for spreading misinformation ever to appear on the net. This was do to its reach by being the favorite place for celebrities, journalists, and those who uncritically regurgitate their knee jerk, facts/reality be damned, outrage of the day.

With the recent renewed interest in micro-blogging via Mastodon on the Fediverse I thought I’d finally give it a try. I was pretty sure I could squeeze a few useful thoughts or tips in the 512 character limit.

At first it went well, I helped out a young blind man who wanted to get into electronics via Arduino. I provided reality based facts to counter some common tech myths, got a couple interesting leads on subjects of interest, and enjoyed quite a few jokes and cat pictures.

Then the proverbial shit hit the fan. An outrage brigade of conspiracy theory nuts and all police are evil bigots started ruining my experience. They flooded the feeds with their anti-reality whining. After 6 hours or so things started to show signs of improvement due to some reality based thinkers chiming in to counter the craziest of the outrage brigades.

This morning things got worse because now the outrage brigades were being encouraged by journalists like Jeff Jarvis and tech celebrities like Simon Phipps and Padre SJ. While they did not go along with the bigoted stereotype (AFAIK), they started whining because an organization did not coddle the conspiracy nuts and bigots, then horror of horrors blocked them. I could have sworn that was promoted as one of the big benefits of the Fediverse over Twitter, easy blocking of other people to improve your own experience.

I called it quits and deleted my account because the signal to noise ratio fell below a useful level even with me spending too much time muting or unfollowing all the bigots, conspiracy promoters, and pro-coddling people.

RFK Jr. Wields His Anti-Vax Wealth to Censor Critic

The incredibly despicable RJK Jr., consorts with some of the most damaging groups on the planet in his quest to encourage needless suffering and death. It doesn’t increase his upper class wealth enough to sue the newspapers who report on his atrocities but he’s using it against a little guy. I’m sure his Dad and Uncles are very disappointed with how he turned out.

Source: RFK Jr. Sues to Identify Blogger Critic –

16th Birthday

No way, not me, I recently turned 3.875 times that age.

The time stamp on this post corresponds to 16 years since I setup and made my first ever blog post.

Here’s a list of my posts that have turned out to be enduringly popular: