Silence of the Bees on PBS

This sounds like a great season opener for Nature this Sunday night, Silence of the Bees.

The Season 26 opener probes colony collapse disorder the dramatic loss of honeybees in North America and Europe. The honeybee is responsible (via pollination) for one of every three bites of food people eat. Included: long-term ramifications.

The PBS Pressroom has more information and some photos from the show. If you click a picture you will get a new window with a bigger image and a button to download a high resolution version. However, the download requires registration showing you are part of the media. Well, I found that if you just click the picture in the pop-up window, instead of the download button, you get the high resolution image without registration.

Over at ENN they have a good article about the show. I wonder if Bug Girl has heard about this show.

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