Please don't avoid vaccinations

Orac pointed me to this story by The Associated Press. Please follow your Doctors advice and vaccinate when appropriate. We don’t want to have an increase in stories like these:

Outbreak of measles among Christian Science students – Missouri and Illinois, 1994

The Largest Outbreak of Measles in the United States during 1999 (PDF)

JAMA — Measles Outbreak in a Boarding School–Pennsylvania, 2003

NEJM — Implications of a 2005 Measles Outbreak in Indiana for Sustained Elimination of Measles in the United States

NewsDaily: Science — Measles outbreak reported at Mich. school

Happy Birthday Wilhelm Weber

Today, October the 24th, is the birthday of Wilhelm Eduard Weber. He was born at Wittenberg, Germany in 1804. I don’t have time to write more about him so I’ll try to write a more detailed post for his birthday next year.

The SI unit of magnetic flux is named the weber to honor his work.

Wilhelm Eduard Weber II

More information:
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Some of his books at Google Books (not in English so I can’t read them)
Elektrodynamische Maassbestimmungen
Wilhelm Weber’s Werke