Cold Electricity?

On a mail list the other day, somebody posted links to cold electricity videos on Youtube.

Part 1:

The one mail list reply was funny:

> Part 1:

“believe it of not”

(misspelling from the video)

Wow, RF works differently than DC!

Exactly, read the description of the lab where the experiments are carried out.

Dr. Ronald Stiffler
Laboratory & Environment
Our lab is located in a bioresearch facility build in the mid-nineties. The lab was not constructed with RF or sensitive electronics work in mind, it therefore has no RF shielding or integral grounding bus bars. The lab is located in close proximity to a 50kw AM transmitter operating on a frequency of 1520kHz. Additionally there are high RF levels from an FM radio station in range of 98mHz.

Gee I wonder if the large amount of ambient RF energy at the lab has anything to do with cold electricity. While it is interesting to capture and use the energy from RF transmissions (e.g. crystal radio, RFID tag) it isn’t going to power your house without exceeding safe exposure limits.

Some more links for your entertainment, “cold electricity” – Google Search

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