DDT is not a wonderful chemical and Rachel Carson was NOT Hitler

The number of ridiculous things I encounter on mail lists and web sites is truly astounding. A little over a year ago I first encountered DDT misinformation on an engineering mail list. The misinformation was coming from some of the members who believe in popular conspiracy theories, don’t seem to grasp the basics of science and, generally don’t seem to want to look at evidence before jumping to conclusions. I generally ignore their wacky posts after learning my lesson long ago that I won’t change their minds regardless of how much evidence I present refuting their claims.

Fast forward to this year and I see that the DDT misinformation is proliferating and some people are equating Rachel Carson to Hitler and Stalin. This is way over the top, so I figured I had better start investigating the situation in greater detail. What I’ve found is that there is no logical basis for the allegations. The best places to start researching for yourself are DDT posts at Deltoid (Tim Lambert’s blog) and, DDT Posts at Bug Girl’s Blog. They both link to the allegations and refute them with links to actual evidence.

More Information:

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