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I’ve encountered a number of very weird web sites this week, not the good kind of weird either. Be careful if you visit them your IQ might plummet. 🙂 I’ve intentionally not linked the [crazy sites] because I don’t want to improve their search rankings. If any of the owners or supporters of the crazy sites wants my opinion, here it is, seek professional psychiatric help, sooner rather than later.

Barcodes are evil, as in Satan (echoing like the Church Ladies voice) – Warning: 666 Is Coming – [] and [].

These people think theocracy is good – Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS – [].

Too crazy to describe – 11:11 O’Clock Explained – [].

Wow they have an professional organization – the American Society of Dowsers – [], and a local chapter in my area – Greater Boston Chapter of ASD – [].

On the way home from the office today I listened to this weeks The Infidel Guy Show a totally NOT crazy site and one of the fine “The Triad of Reason” podcasts. I’ve only been listening for a little while but so far I’ve liked the podcasts, in particular the Massimo Pigliucci interviews are excellent.

This weeks show is an interview with Glenn Borchardt [], Director (and possibly only member of) the Progressive Science Institute []. Glenn has written a book, “THE SCIENTIFIC WORLDVIEW, Beyond Newton and Einstein: Understanding the Universal Mechanism of Evolution”, that he talks about on this weeks The Infidel Guy Show.

I can’t find words to describe the craziness but, I did find another blogger, Damian Guerra, who found the words: Glenn Borchardt and the Scientific Worldview and, The Scientific Worldview .

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