This is Sad

Been there done that, although I’m lucky that I haven’t had to do it in many decades.

Medical care is one of those things Americans skimp on when money is tight, the Federal Reserve noted. Among the types of medical care Americans put off, dental care was the most skipped, with 21 percent of American adults saying they put off dentist visits last year. That was followed by 16 percent of adults saying they skipped seeing a doctor or specialist. Ten percent said they didn’t fill prescription medication, 10 percent said they skipped follow-up care, and another 10 percent said they skipped mental health care.

More and more Americans are skipping medical care due to money woes | Ars Technica

Crazy Man Takes Advantage of Lax State Environmental Protection/Enforcement

Only the craziest of people truly believe that Southern New Englanders will need to grow their own food to survive in the next 50 years.

Brady this week reasserted his right to cut trees on his own property, saying he remains committed to the idea of creating a farm here that will produce food during a difficult future where there will be a great need for people to grow their own.

Trees keep coming down; developer insists he’s creating a farm | News |

Tucker Carlson Admits He’s a Racist

Here’s the quote, emphasis mine.

Anyone who is still a fan of his should now openly admit their racism, or at least their support of racist assholes. There are NOT good people on both side like Trump claims. All neo-Nazis, neo-confederates, KKK members and members of bigoted hate groups, are very bad people period.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching video of people fighting on the street in Washington. A group of Trump guys surrounded an Antifa kid and started pounding the living shit out of him. It was three against one, at least. Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously. It’s not how white men fight.

Tucker Carlson had to go because his racist text cost Rupert Murdoch money – Media Nation

Thank You Bigots for Finally Coming Out of the Closet

This just keeps happening and today it’s Emily Conklin of Florida. For most of my 60+ years on this planet most bigots have hidden their bigotry because they knew most of the population wasn’t as bigoted as they are. Now due to the Republican Party’s leader making bigotry great again, many of them are outing themselves.

For all of you who keep doing this, thank you. It’s so much easier knowing who to ignore and avoid when they don’t hide their horrible bigotry.

Sixty-Three Years Later, White Mom Finally Gets ‘Ruby Bridges’ Banned From Elementary School – Wonkette

Musk Shows He Does Not Understand COTUS

Elon Musk does not understand how the USA legal system works. Take a look at the basic fundamental error in this quote from him.

Musk suggested earlier this year that companies should align policies with laws like the First Amendment, because he says it’s what users want.

“If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect,” Musk tweeted in April this year. “Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people.”

Source: Musk’s one-on-one with Kanye signals naïveté moderating Twitter hate speech | Ars Technica

That’s not how it works Elon. If US citizen’s want less free speech they can ask the congress to write a law and if the president signs it then it’s law, but only temporarily. That’s because of the First Amendment, something he clearly does not grasp at even an elementary school level. A lawsuit would promptly follow the law’s signing, probably from the ACLU or a similar org. If need be it will be appealed all the way to the SCOTUS who will promptly overturn the law based on the First Amendment.

See Elon you’ve got it exactly backwards, the 1st restricts what speech laws can be enforced by government, it doesn’t permit the government to restrict speech (with a miniscule number of exceptions).

The real way this is supposed to work:

If people do not want to listen to speech they find offensive they can NOT get help from the government, PERIOD. Instead they use capitalism to avoid the problem. Since the 1st Amendment only applies to governments in the USA, and a tiny subset of business functions (e.g. telephone wire providers), nearly all businesses and all individuals can restrict speech in any way they want.

Elon, you claim to support free speech but you actually don’t want to allow the inseparable part of free speech, the right not to speak or publish speech you don’t like. No right to do something is valid unless there is the right to not do that thing. Freedom of religion or speech is non-existent if they do not include the right to not have a religion and the right to not speak or promote speech with which you disagree. Businesses have these rights and your wanting to take those rights away makes you anti-First Amendment, you typical rich white authoritarian asshole.

I Worry that Mr. Silverglate is Suffering Age Related Mental Issues

Otherwise how can he now no longer believe in freedom of expression for all.

As Ken White’s article illustrates it appears that he now believes only his free expression rights matter. So sad to see this from a person who I formerly admired due to there insistence on free expression for all. Now he appears to be climbing on the money making faux-outrage persecution complex tour that is so popular lately with wealthy privileged people.

Source: The Philosophical And Moral Incoherence of “How Dare You Walk Out Of My Speech” (“Cancel Culture” Has Victims, But You’re Probably Not One Of Them)