We Lost the Race :-(

Earlier in the year I wrote about the fact that we were essentially in a race between achieving herd immunity through vaccination and the appearance of more infectious variants. Well – we lost the race. That is to say, anti-vaxxers and the vaccine hesitant lost the race for all of us. There is no way to sugar-coat this. We had a window of opportunity, and now the window is closed, and it is entirely due to people who refused, against all evidence, to get vaccinated. The delta variant is now surging, vaccine efficacy is waning, and children are now being affected in greater numbers.

First the anti-vaxxers and the vaccine hesitant brought back measles and increased infant suffering and death from pertussis. Now they have very likely guaranteed that there will be suffering and death from Covid-19 variants for decades to come.

Source: Masks Work | NeuroLogica Blog

How Long Will It Take?

With the right wing loonies going all in against all vaccinations, how long will it take for the population of their followers to shrink to the point that they are no longer a concern?

Clearly it won’t happen in the next decade because of other medical interventions preventing so much serious disease and death. So their strategy of going all in on the insanity will likely help keep their base together for the next few presidential election cycles.

However, eventually too many people will have seen too much needless suffering and death among Republican and independent Trumpist’s families that they’ll stop following the insane advice and also stop voting for those who want to encourage their suffering & death for power and profit.

Walter Hussman Tr., Just another Rich White Male Southerner Who Helps Discriminate Against Black Women

Here’s actually the true facts of it,” Hussman told Policy Watch. “I never pressured anybody. I didn’t pressure [UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media Dean] Susan King. I didn’t pressure the chancellor. I didn’t pressure [Vice Chancellor for University Development] David Routh or anybody on the board.”

Hussman, however, acknowledged sending as many as five emails expressing his concerns about the hire to King, Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz and Routh, who is also chief executive of the UNC-Chapel Hill Foundation, the nonprofit that receives gifts on behalf of the school. Hussman also said he sent the emails to at least one member of the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees, who he did not name.

Shorter Hussman – Oh I didn’t pressure anyone except the six emails I sent so I’m not a racist asshole.

Source: UNC mega-donor Walter Hussman denies exerting pressure over Hannah-Jones hiring | NC Policy Watch

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Source: Nikole Hannah-Jones update: It depends on what the definition of ‘pressure’ is – Media Nation

Cindy Suchan & Jim Garrison Have Shown Their Extreme Racism

The best part of the Trump era is that racists are coming right out and demonstrating their bigotry. Frankly all these racist, dishonorable, un-American, anti-Patriots should be banned from all involvement with honorable Americans.

What at first seemed to be a short audio malfunction at Monday’s Memorial Day ceremony in Hudson’s Markillie Cemetery turned out to be anything but.

Source: Veteran’s audio cut when he discusses Blacks’ role in Memorial Day

Hat Tip to PZ: Racism comes in many forms

UPDATE June 10th – Both of the bigots have resigned:

Source: Another Official Resigns Over Censored Memorial Day Speech | Military.com

American Legion leaders in Ohio also suspended the post’s charter and are taking steps to close it.

That implies that the whole local AL post has a racial bigotry problem. That would not be a surprise to me. Throughout my 60+ year life it’s always seemed that VFW & AL posts, Sons of Italy and other oddly specific ethically named social clubs have mostly been places for old white bigots to hang out and tell racist jokes.

Source: Legion official resigns over censored Memorial Day speech

The draft text of the speech is available to read (the story of the former slaves is great).

Source: Draft of speech given by vet whose mic was cut at Memorial Day service

SolarWinds hackers Clearly Indicate They Think the Most Gullible US Citizens are Trump Supporters

On Tuesday, Nobelium blasted 3,000 different addresses with emails that purported to deliver a special alert from USAID concerning new documents Former President Trump had published about election Fraud.

Only fools who do not understand what USAID is and believe the silly election fraud confidence trick would click the link.

Source: SolarWinds hackers are back with a new mass campaign, Microsoft says | Ars Technica

A Must Read for Understanding Trumpism

I don’t think any of us believe that Trumpism is going away. To the extent that we take any comfort from the current chaotic state of the Republican Party, it’s that it seems mainly to be defined by the QAnon craziness of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the alleged perversion of Matt Gaetz and the cartoonish cynicism of Josh Hawley. Yes, we need to keep an eye on them. But they’re so out there on the fringes that the amount of damage they could do would appear to be limited.

Which is why an essay published recently by Glenn Ellmers of the Claremont Institute should chill you to the bone. Running at more than 3,200 words, Ellmers’ screed is nothing less than an assertion of authoritarianism and white supremacy, dressed up in intellectual garb.

Source: From a right think tank, a chilling pseudo-intellectual case for Trumpism – Media Nation