Happy Darwin Day

Today, February 12th, we celebrate Charles Darwin‘s birthday. Take a moment to read this short biography or view his life in pictures. If you’re more ambitious you can read some of his great works at Project Gutenberg or the University of Cambridge Darwin website.

Over the past year and a half I’ve looked at the intelligent design hypothesis debate. I’ve read everything I could find written by the proponents and I can’t find anything useful in this hypothesis. It very simply boils down to a hypothesis that when you see something in biology that you can’t explain, stop looking for an explanation and simply say, it’s that way because some intelligent designer made it that way.

So, as far as I can tell, proponents of the intelligent design hypothesis are either trying to avoid doing the hard work (lazy) or are simply pushing to substitute a philosophy/religion for science. I firmly believe we should not teach laziness or philosophy/religion in science classes lest we stop all the wonderful advancements that humanity can make in coming centuries.

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