Internet problems yesterday

Two days ago I posted about the problems I had with Yahoo Mail Plus, the paid service. Well things seem back to normal today. Problems continued to a lesser degree all day yesterday including an e-mail stating “Your account has been temporarily disabled from receiving new messages” in the afternoon. I reported the problem to Yahoo three times Monday starting in the morning and they didn’t acknowledge my reports until 7:48 PM . At 3:02 this morning they sent acknowledgments for the problem reports with the third acknowledgment at 3:22 AM. If they had a prompt automated response I probably wouldn’t have sent three reports and gotten so mad.

On a related note, the net seemed a bit slow overall to me yesterday. Checking around a bit I couldn’t find any reports of major problems. The Internet Health Report looked OK and the Internet Traffic Report appears broken (North America index and link in the table). The net seemed a bit unreliable so I decided to put off finalizing some e-shopping until the net seemed reliable (I hate having a net error while entering an order). This morning I checked to see if there had been any unusual problems yesterday and found this Wired AP News article. Now I know it wasn’t my LAN or non-scientific gut feeling but a real issue.