Karen Hunter, Debbie Schlussel are hate mongering bigots

I’m shocked at CNN giving air time to the hate speech from these bigoted intolerant women (they are certainly not ladies, transcript here). What ever happened to the belief in religious freedom that is in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Check out the video and read this article for yourself and also the excellent commentary by PZ Myers. Please voice your opinion on this to CNN via the CNN feedback link.
Here’s what I sent to CNN:

Re: Paula Zahn Now: Karen Hunter, Debbie Schlussel, Stephen A. Smith on Atheism.

This was the most disgustingly one sided bashing of a minority I have ever seen on CNN. I’m shocked that you did not make any effort to have an atheist on the panel. What’s next a whole panel full of White Hooded Clansmen discussing non-white people and saying we’re a white nation.

If the subject of discussion had been any other minority group you would never get away with espousing such hatred and mis-information.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m sure Roger Williams (1603-1684) is rolling over in his grave at the state of religious intolerance in this country.

I’m slowly beginning to feel that religion IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL in this world. These two woman should be made to live in one of the many repressive Islamic countries for a while and then see if they still think that religion should be forced on people by the state. Perhaps being forced to wear a burka and be a slave to men will wake them up to where their religious intolerance leads.

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