Solar Energy Information

I’ve run across some good solar energy information in the past few weeks in while doing research for a couple of conversations on an engineering list.

EETimes has an article about the seventeenth annual Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference The next gold rush – solar power.

This week PBS is repeating the October 2007 NOVA episode Saved By the Sun, an excellent overview on the current state of solar. It includes an section on the economic model of the new company SunEdison. You can watch it online here.

Finally the US Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solar Energy Technologies Program Home Page is a good starting point for getting information on all aspects of solar energy. Check out the Myths of Solar Electricity page for some good de-bunking of seven commonly encountered photovoltaic myths. Don’t get confused by the “100-mile-square area” statement in myth #1, that’s a square 100 miles on a side, 10,000 square miles not 100 square miles.

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