The Linksys NSLU2, aka the Slug, has been discontinued

Last week a member of one of the NSLU2 mailing lists noticed that the NSLU2’s were gone from his local Staples. He spoke with the store manager and found out that they had been discontinued and remaining Staples inventory is being returned to the distributor. I looked around and sure enough everyone on the net is either out of stock or clearing them out as a discontinued item (without discounting it by much).

If you were considering getting this wonderful embedded Linux server I wouldn’t recommend it anymore. This is too bad since the Slug is an exceptionally versatile little server that only uses the power of a nightlight. I’ve been using two Slug’s on my home network one as a DNS/DHCP/NTP server and the other as a development web server for about a year and a half. The savings in electricity over standard PC server boxes has been incredible. I have not found any other device even remotely the same in terms of features, low price, low power consumption and ease of hacking it. 😦