Silly instruction sheet

Today I saw the silliest instruction sheet I’ve seen in a long time. The instructions where inside of a new travel mug I got. Most of the items in the instructions are OK, although mostly unnecessary for anyone with 1/4 of a brain. But, some very odd warning items jumped out at me.

In the how to use section:
2. Do not look directly into product when filling, keep at arms length.
4. Your product should not be overfilled.

They can’t be serious, does it have a tendency to explode or what? Should I put on safety glasses before I fill it up. 😉 How else am I supposed to avoid over filling if I can’t look directly into the mug. Maybe they want me to use a mirror periscope while filling. 🙂

Then in the caution section I see:
4. Keep out of reach of children.

Huh, don’t let children near a travel mug, are they going to get locked inside?

Here’s the whole instruction sheet:scan0001-1

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