Joost update

I wrote about Joost a couple of times back in January, see them here and here. Today I finally got invited to try out the Joost Beta, although it looks like they’ve made the beta public now.

The download and installation went fine but, when I try to run Joost I get this error message.

An error occurred!
Unable to connect with the network
Please visit for more information or email

Checking the Joost forums I see that many others are having the same problem. Oh well, I’ll try it again later, for now I’ll just watch cable and Instant Media .

3 Replies to “Joost update”

  1. Hi i was wondering if you could invite me, so i can tested and write an article for my collegue newspaper.


  2. Hi Freddy,

    I have not been given any invites to hand out yet. If I get any, I’ll send you one.

    Try going to and see if they will let you get it without an invite, the site looks like they may have gone public with the beta.


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