It's sad when people believe psychics

This post on the NeuroLogica Blog made me sad. It is tragic when parents start to believe psychics, who are all[Edited 6/11/07] mostly frauds and con-men, and because of it may deny their child medical attention. I hope their daughter survives but I’m not hopeful. 😦

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  1. Of course there have never been any scientists who have been frauds have there? Except those Koreans. Saying all Psychics are frauds is a bit like saying All black men can dance or even all Scientists are the only can speak the truth on a given subject. Only the Church (I mean Universities) and those they have annointed can speak the truth it seems. Too bad research into LSD is illegal. The guy who discovered the DNA helix saw it in a vision while he was tripping and has been quoted as saying, and really I am paraphrasing, “that the chances of life arising randomly arising out of some kind of primordial organic goop is about as likely as a hurricane assembling a 747 whilst blowing through a junk yard”. Perhaps more scientists should use LSD as a research tool.


  2. “Zeke Says: Saying all Psychics are frauds is…”

    I was typing in anger when I originally wrote this post in February. I’ve edited the post to be precise. There are probably some psychics whom are simply self-deluded people without a firm grasp of reality who believe they are providing a service, not intentionally defrauding the credulous. Bronze Dog of The Broze Blog has a good post today on this topic.

    The rest of Zeke’s comment is a combination of, irrelevant, off topic or, incoherent rambling that I will not address.


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