Walter Hussman Tr., Just another Rich White Male Southerner Who Helps Discriminate Against Black Women

Here’s actually the true facts of it,” Hussman told Policy Watch. “I never pressured anybody. I didn’t pressure [UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media Dean] Susan King. I didn’t pressure the chancellor. I didn’t pressure [Vice Chancellor for University Development] David Routh or anybody on the board.”

Hussman, however, acknowledged sending as many as five emails expressing his concerns about the hire to King, Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz and Routh, who is also chief executive of the UNC-Chapel Hill Foundation, the nonprofit that receives gifts on behalf of the school. Hussman also said he sent the emails to at least one member of the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees, who he did not name.

Shorter Hussman – Oh I didn’t pressure anyone except the six emails I sent so I’m not a racist asshole.

Source: UNC mega-donor Walter Hussman denies exerting pressure over Hannah-Jones hiring | NC Policy Watch

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Source: Nikole Hannah-Jones update: It depends on what the definition of ‘pressure’ is – Media Nation

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