Uxbridge Police Chief making excuses for the kids as he tries to downplay town’s racial problems

Source: Family decries ‘subculture of racism’ at Uxbridge High School – MetroWest Daily News bolding mine

Uxbridge Police Chief Marc Montminy said he heard from the school resource officer in early June that the school was handling the situation internally. The chief spoke to Darius’ family recently, though.

The town hasn’t had much experience with racial bias, said the chief, who came to Uxbridge last year from Manchester, Connecticut.

He also raised the possibility that the offending students might have acted more out of jealousy or rivalry toward the newcomer.

“We haven’t determined yet whether there’s intent behind it,” Montminy said. “My question, is this a racist vein that runs through the town or more likely an attempt to get under the skin of an individual?”

Classic excuse for racism, maybe it was some other factor that caused the people to use clearly racist language. Yeah right, the reality is you only use racist language when you are making racist comments, period.

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