The Trump FCC Always Says It Wants Broadband Competition But Now It’s Considering Reducing Competition By Law

Whether intentional or not, the FCC will give landlords and their cable financiers grounds to reject competitive entry that did not exist prior to the FCC’s preemption. This also appears to prohibit cities from adopting forward-thinking open access fiber policies in the future through city code and other local laws. Not to mention, the FCC’s intervention in San Francisco doesn’t fulfill the agency’s actual job description: to promote competition.

Source: The FCC Is Siding With Landlords and Comcast Over Tenants Who Want Broadband Choices | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Update July 10, 2019

The FCC’s Office of Economics and Analytics released a paper titled “An Empirical Analysis of Broadband Access in Residential Multi-Tenant Environments.” on Monday. This report appears to give strong backup to EFF’s position on this issue. Hopefully the commission will now drop it’s plan to boost ISP’s monopoly status by preventing competition.

Study: Mandatory Broadband Access Laws in Multi-Tenant Environments