Billy Corgan wants his own body count

Billy Corgan is spouting total nonsense that is likely to lead to more deaths just like Jenny McCarthy :-(. Orac has the breakdown of his nonsense from a medical perspective. I wanted to point out that he is falling in with the lying conspiracy mongers on the Massachusetts health emergency law update.

The state of Massachusetts here in America is about to sign into law (if it hasn’t already) for a mandatory vaccination. The state will have the power to come into your home and incarcerate you for being unwilling to comply with a vaccination order. Didn’t you hear? Soon, you won’t even have the choice to live OR die as you wish!

No Billy, this isn’t about your own life, it’s about the government not allowing you to choose to kill others, would you like us to legalize manslaughter for you Billy. I pointed out back in September this is simply an update to existing laws and the scary quotes are the product of quote mining the legislation. Billy wants the government to not stop him and other jerks like him from making others sick and causing deaths. It is truly sad that Billy has no critical thinking skills and science knowledge and it is leading him down the path of causing undo suffering and death in others :-(. How many more people, mostly children, need to die from H1N1 before the celebrities wake up and stop pushing their pseudoscientific, conspiracy ranting.

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