Texas Instruments has reached the heights of stupidity

The latest from the EFF:

it is scandalous that the company continues to send its improper demands to other bloggers and hosting companies. In fact, TI has sent an identical take-down demand to Mr. Smith’s university complaining about the same OS keys having been posted on our client’s student webpage, and demanding that the school take the materials down from that URL.

TI’s abuse of copyright law is disgusting, I’m starting to think I should set up a boycott Texas Instruments website. They clearly have no clue, are very likely breaking the law and obviously have nothing but contempt for their customers. In the meantime my personal boycott remains in effect, no new components, assemblies or other products of any kind from TI will be used in my work or home. I strongly encourage everyone else to boycott TI as well because what they are doing is far worse than the RIAA or MPAA. While I dislike the tactics of the RIAA and MPAA at least they are operating legally, whereas what TI is doing is almost certainly illegal.

EFF sends notice to Texas Instruments

As I mentioned before I am currently boycotting Texas Instruments because of what to me is behavior worse than the RIAA and MPAA. They are using fear of copyright law to suppress legal actions by customers when there is no copyright infringement. The EFF has sent a warning letter to TI that explains the situation clearly. I am glad that the EFF has taken on the defense of the people abused by TI. I will continue to boycott TI until they publicly apologize for their egregious actions.