Please Boycott the Netcetera hosting service

Last night in a comment on Orac’s blog I found out that Le Canard Noir’s great Quackometer site has been taken down by his hosting provider. This was prompted by more groundless threats by the ridiculous pseudo-scientist Joe Obi. While Mr. Obi deserves to be ridiculed and taunted for his outrageous pseudo-science and legal bullying what is even more important is to send a message to the hosting provider who caved in to Obi’s threats.

If you are a customer of Netcetera Limited I strongly urge you to notify them that you are moving to a hosting provider who has a spine. Personally I’ve been very satisfied with GoDaddy for hosting services and from what I’ve heard about Netcetera pricing I think they are less expensive as well. As consumers we have very little power over corporations but we do have the power to vote with our wallets. This is an important issue, hosting providers must be made to understand that free speech on the Internet is a right we demand, not a casual service they’ll give us until they have some nutcase threaten them.

If you are going to cancel your service with Netcetera then sending a letter explaining why you’re leaving will be helpful (email just doesn’t have the same impact). Here’s Netcetera’s contact information from their web site:

Netcetera Limited
The Dataport
Isle of Man
British Isles

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2 Replies to “Please Boycott the Netcetera hosting service”

  1. Thanks very much for the good news.

    I’m really glad that Quackometer was able to get back online so quickly.


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