Happy 199th Birthday Charlie

darwin-mi-1882On, February 12th, 1809 Charles Darwin was born at Mount House, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Take a moment to read this short biography or view his life in pictures. If you’re more ambitious you can read some of his great works at Project Gutenberg or the University of Cambridge Darwin web site. For any religious people reading this who are unsure of how to think about science and Darwin’s big ideas, please read this earlier post I made, MLK Jr., Science, Darwin & Intelligent Design.

After you’ve learned a little about him please show your support by becoming one of The Friends of Charles Darwin. The requirements for membership are minimal so anyone capable of reading my blog should meet the qualifications easily. Then you can sing Charlie Is My Darwin while you celebrate the life of this giant of science. While you’re visiting the FCD site be sure to subscribe your RSS reader to the wonderful blog, The Red Notebook by Richard Carter, FCD.

If you have some cash, then please donate to The HMS Beagle Project so they can launch next year in time for Charlie’s bicentennial birthday.

Wishing everyone a happy Darwin Day,
Paul Hutchinson, FCD

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