I'm back

I’ve been away from the blog for a month now due to flu, snow (read as aching body from removal), work obligations and the holidays. There have also been a bunch of personal projects that I had been putting on the back burner for over a year that I had to get to work on. I’ve been learning the wonders of the JPEG EXIF data un-standard (un-standard = a standard with so many options and variations it’s practically impossible for a single program to handle all the existing implementations). Quite a bit of the software I’ve been using for years is so far obsolete that I knew I had to make an effort to switch to modern open source replacements. Then there’s my adventures in Linux that has been a decade long continuing journey that I keep plugging away at. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll get a bunch of posts up detailing these items.

Of course during the past month I’ve tried to keep up with all the great writing from the blogger’s in my blogroll (it’s over in the right column). As always there has been tons of good stuff on those blogs and a number of issues and news items that I want to comment on from the past month (my drafts folder has never been bigger). In particular I’d like to single out two blogger’s who kindly tagged me with memes during the past month. Greg Laden and Tyler DiPietro tagged me with memes that I hope to follow through on, no promises though, so much I want to do and so little free time. I also want to thank Tyler for the nice comment he left on my last post, kind words are always helpful in making me feel better.

Finally, I missed my blog celebration of some Giant Birthdays. The science greats I missed are:

Ernst Werner von Siemens December 13th

Antoine Henri Becquerel December 15th

Joseph Henry December 17th

James Prescott Joule December 24th

Sir Isaac Newton January 4th

I’ll have to plan ahead next year so that I don’t miss these again especially since it’s the words of Sir Isaac that inspired me to name the feature Giant Birthday in the first place.

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