Skeptical comic series

Phil, The Bad Astronomer, pointed me to this great skeptical internet cartoonist, Cectic, a couple days ago. After checking out all the comics I had to add this to my RSS reader to get some more humor in my reading. As soon as I saw today’s comic (below) I knew I had to add Cectic to my blog roll.

I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

I work with quite a bit of electronic test gear and have seen many ghostly affects in the past 35 years. Every time I get mysterious affects I track them down completely, after all it’s my job to get the measurements accurately. The solutions range from the mundane, easy to track down intermittent test leads, to the difficult to locate, like defective computers emitting RF. On the other hand most ghost hunters seem to do just as this comic shows which gives me a big laugh when I see them on TV.

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