Some new DST information

I’ve finished most of my home office updates for the new daylight saving time. DST settings updated automatically on WinXP causing appointments in Outlook to be wrong for the new DST weeks. However using the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook fixed all the errors. Purdue University has posted a couple of Outlook articles that helped me get started, see them here and here.

Microsoft’s articles for home users and professional users are a good start but since Microsoft has terminated support on so many old versions of products they really can’t be expected to do much more. Well the good folks at have made things easy for us. They’ve written automated update tools for the Win98/ME and Win2K operating systems.

The embedded devices I use that have automatic DST capability mostly can’t be corrected. In addition there is a possibility the settings will be changed back again in a couple years so, I’ve decided to disable auto DST on them and some are being permanently changed to operate in the GMT timezone (embedded servers).

I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to handle my Jornada 720’s running the HPC2K version of Windows CE. Microsoft has knowledge base articles here and here, and an overview article with information for users of recent versions of CE. For older versions of CE I haven’t found any authoritative information. I’ll post about my J720 solution when it’s solved.

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