Malware warnings from Google

I was trying to find the Virtins sound card oscilloscope software that someone pointed out on a mail list yesterday. So I did a Google search and the first result was for, clicking the link gave me this Malware Warning page. This seems to be a very nice service from Google and Not sure what malware is on the Virtins web site but I’m guessing their server has been taken over by a bad guy. I’m not interested enough in their products to take the risk of actually visiting their site.

Windows 98 updates disabled

I was recycling an older PC for a friend last weekend and discovered something strange. The person the PC is being given to can’t afford to buy WinXP and, even if they could the PC is a bit low powered for using XP. So I decided to keep it on the Windows 98se it came with from HP. After upgrading IE to version 6 this is what I see when trying to do a Windows update.win98ie6

It seems that once you’ve got IE6 on Win98se, Microsoft doesn’t want to give you the other security updates. Fortunately there is the unofficial Windows 98 SE Service Pack, it will give you all the security updates that were previously released by Microsoft.

Thought provocing article

I read an interesting article in the Telegraph newspaper online this evening. The first comment after the article showed an all to common lack of understanding of scientific proof.

Andy Cunningham wrote “When I realised there was no Father Christmas, I realised that there can’t be a god, either.”

I should like to know how you ‘realised’ this. The two are completely different, in that it can easily be proved that Father Christmas is not real, yet nobody has offered any strong evidence that God does not exist.

Following scientific methods and principles, you can not prove that either Father Christmas or God don’t exist any more than you can prove that reindeer don’t fly. To prove that reindeer don’t fly or Father Christmas doesn’t exist he will have to use thinking that would also lead to proving God doesn’t exist. This is why the religion I was raised with had no problem with science, science could never disprove the existence of anything supernatural including God.
It is not satisfying to many people but it’s an unavoidable reality that science can’t disprove the existence of the supernatural. The existence of the supernatural is provable using scientific methods but so far it hasn’t happened. This isn’t for lack of trying mind you, much effort and money has been expended over the past hundred plus years trying. There just hasn’t been any success in the research.