Why fruit tattoos won't catch on

Someone on the PICList was complaining about how hard it was to get the stickers off their fruits and vegetables. Frankly I’ve never had a problem and if I did I’d stop buying that brand and choose one of the many other brands.

Someone else pointed out this old story about a super duper technical solution. That’s right laser tattoos on the produce. It seems pretty clear to me why this hasn’t gone anywhere since it’s introduction in 2005. IT RUINS THE BEAUTIFUL LOOK OF GREAT PRODUCE IN A WAY THAT WOULD STILL SHOW WHEN SERVED. I guess this inventor and his investors don’t enjoy good food because as anyone serious about food knows the presentation is very important.

Not only won’t a food lover want to see a defiled tomato staring back at you at home but what about restaurants. Does anyone seriously think that a good chef is going to put up with ruining the presentation of his creation so that his customers can see an advertisement for a produce company. I can picture Gordon Ramsay throwing the tomato back in the face of his green grocer and verbally ripping him a new one for ruining fine produce.

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