Why we need better math and science education for everyone

Listen to this excerpt from a customer service call to Verizon: ” .002 dollars = .002 cents” at VideoSift.com. It saddens me that these Verizon people don’t understand what I feel everyone should have learned before graduating 6th grade.

I’m amazed at how patient this customer is, by the time of this recording he had already been talking to them for quite a while, I would be going ballistic. Verizon and it’s representatives are making an extremely basic error, they change the units of measurement in a calculation without applying the conversion factor. The customer George Vaccaro has a blog of the whole experience here.

According to the California State Board of Education these concepts are part of the 3rd grade curriculum. I suspect that some of those Verizon people have college degrees. If they do, they should return the degrees and re-enroll in elementary school.

Thanks to Harold on the PICList for pointing me to this story.

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