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Recently a blog was advertised on one of the technical mail lists that I read. The blog, Free Technical Books on the Net, pointed me to a great site XP Math – Math Games, Math eBooks, Math Careers. To try it out I downloaded “Hacking for Dummies” and to my surprise it is a complete PDF of the 2004 edition that is even printable.

Another new source of eBooks is Google Book Search use the “Full view books” option and then you can view or download PDF versions of the scanned book.

These new sources are nice but my favorite is still Project Gutenberg with 20,000 free books in the catalog. This includes many of the greatest books of all time.

There are also some free audio books at PG but my favorite free audio books site is LibriVox. While I’m on the subject of free public domain content I should mention The Internet Archive. It started out simply archiving web sites (for a good laugh check out these old site designs I was involved with). Currently they have 136,386 texts (includes a mirror of Project Gutenberg), 48,185 movies, 35,816 recoded live music concerts and, 108,411 other audio recordings.

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  1. I checked out your band site and it’s legit so I’m happy to have you link to me. I’m Listening to some of your music on right now and I like it!

    BTW – thanks for asking about linking even though no permission is legally needed to link to publicly accessible web sites.


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