Review Geek’s Wise Response to the Wyze and eufy Security Failings with their Cameras

The article’s closing is spot on:

And frankly, every company is “one bad day” away from the same situation. It all depends on how they handle disclosure. For now, in all transparency, I can only tell you that I own Wyze cameras, and they are still plugged in. I know the risks, and I’m willing to take them.

But that’s not the same thing as recommending them to anyone else. No recommendation should start with, “this is a good option, but first, you should know some things.” And that would be a requirement. The only safe bet you can take is to not place security cameras in your home at all.

Emphasis mine, Source: Why Review Geek Can’t Recommend Wyze or eufy Cameras Anymore – Review Geek

Go read the whole thing if you’re interest in a great summary of the details. Another great article from Josh Hendrickson, Editor in Chief of Review Geek.

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