Windows 8 Power User WiFi Tips

I purchased a netbook with Windows 8 last year and started using my WiFi more frequently. Windows 8 does not have the WiFi Profile manager like in previous versions of Windows but The Windows Club has a solution, WiFi Profile Manager 8, it works great.

With my frequent usage I also was getting annoyed with occasional drop outs. I noticed when the drop outs where happening I’d see neighbors access points show up in my listings which slowed me down by cluttering up the network connection list in the charms bar. Using the command line tool netsh I was able to fix both problems. First I used the

netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid

command to examine the connections, sure enough the nearest neighbor was using channel 6 the same as me and when the conditions are right his signal gets strong at my place. The other neighbor was on channel 11 so I changed my access point to use channel 1 and now I never drop out. FYI; there is major overlap in WiFi channels so you need to be five channels apart to eliminate all interference.

The netsh command tool also allowed me to block my neighbors access points from showing up in my WiFi list.

netsh wlan add filter permission=block ssid=neighbors_ssid networktype=infrastructure


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