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  1. I do agree here that DISH has stepped up the game another notch. The problem of annoying volume fluctuations from commercials is solved. The TruVolume technology will keep volume controlled. I know that the FCC is going to put an end but that’s still a year away. DISH has this issue solved now. The Hopper is an amazing receiver to bring additional TV and DVR functions to another location. The biggest thing I’m sold on is that I can get Prime Time Anytime. This will automatically record my major networks as well as two other channels. Another first is the fact that Pandora and Facebook apps will be available. I know I will enjoy my employee service even more and I’m so excited for the release. I know this is the new ultimate receiver and I want one when it’s available. Another great feature is the remote locator; I always seem to lose mine and now it will help me find it.


  2. Thanks for the info Jay Lo.

    Now if only they could make the satellites ride high enough so I could receive them where I live without sacrificing my trees ;-).

    Of course I’m just kidding. It’s unfortunate but an unavoidable fact of astrophysics, when you live in New England geosynchronous orbit satellites are low to the horizon so if you live surrounded by lovely trees satellite TV really isn’t an option. I suspect it’s the #1 reason very few people in my neighborhood have either Dish or DirectTV.


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