RSS for Traditional Web Pages

This method no longer works because Google removed the Note in Reader feature. See this new post for a better method that I wish I’d found before starting to use the method outline in this post.

I wanted to create an RSS feed for a section of my main web site so that regular visitors can find new or changed content easily. With blogs, and other types of sites based on a CMS, this feature is usually automatic. However my main pages are traditional manually created HTML so I would have to roll my own RSS generation. Reading up on RSS I learned it is fairly straight forward to do this, but it is labor intensive which means over the long haul there is no way I’d keep up with it.

Then I found a great article on how to use Google Reader along with Google’s FeedBurner service to make this task far less labor intensive. The easy to follow instructions are at the Digital Inspiration site in this article, Tutorial Create RSS Feeds for your Website.

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