Backup & Synchronization utility for Windows

By now everyone should know that backing up your data is an essential part of computing. All the important data I use is maintained in multiple storage media types in multiple physical locations. One application I find very useful in maintaining my backup policies is Backer by Leanware. I’ve been using it for many years to backup and synchronize my data with excellent results. My most frequent use is to synchronize the data between locations via compact flash cards. Recently I upgraded my CF transfer cards to 2Gig as my previous 1G cards where getting close to 80% full. When I upgraded I also added substantially to the quantity of data involved in this process, this slowed down the operation enough that it became inconvenient. I had know for quite some time that the later versions of Backer had speed improvements so, I purchased an upgrade and was blown away with the speed improvements.

For reference my most used backup/synch operation has 521 directories with 10,531 files and on Backer 5.1 it was taking 8:21 to finish comparing the source and destination. The new version, Backer 6.7 performs the same operation in only 0:44 a 10X increase in speed, wow! Now that’s what I call a very worthwhile upgrade.

While you’re visiting there also check out the free Leanware Window Sizer I find it very useful.

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