A Quack who admits it

drkatzDavid L. Katz, M.D is a purveyor of medical woo from Yale University. 😦 Since he posted this quote on his blog I figured I’d make his wish come true. Of course we all know this makes him a Witch! I’ve developed some easy tests to determine if a doctor is likely a quack. If the doctor has been on Oprah’s TV show they are very likely to be promoting quack medicine (e.g. Dr. “enlarge your penis by loosing weight” Oz). If the doctor has a web site trying to sell you stuff they are extremely likely to be a quack, hold onto your wallet as you run away fast.

For more information about the bad doctor and his pseudoscientific ways check out these posts by some good evidence based doctors.

“Fluid evidence” strikes back: Dr. Katz versus the skeptical blogsophere

Integrative baloney @ Yale

Changing the Rules of Evidence

“Integrative” medicine at Yale: A more “fluid” concept of evidence?

As far as I’m concerned Yale’s Dr. Katz is far less useful than the funny Dr. Katz.dr-katz-logo

I hereby release the Dr. Katz as a Duck image to the Public Domain. Creative Commons License

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  1. And Dr. Katz is indeed connected to Oprah. He was a featured speaker at last year’s “O-You” conference in Miami, FYI.


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