Recent FCC enforcement actions

A forfeiture order of $9,000 has been issued to Christian Voice of Central Ohio, Inc., for repeatedly broadcasting commercial advertisements. At the time of the violations they held a noncommercial educational television license for WCVZ.

Digital Antenna, Inc. manufacturer of cell phone boosters and repeaters thinks, like the goofballs selling cell phone jammers, that what they do is allowed under the rules. The guys at Digital Antenna seem to think their systems are not transmitters, Doh! To top it off they apparently violated a Commission order by willfully and repeatedly failing to respond fully to a directive of the Enforcement Bureau to provide information to the FCC.

Two more retailers caught not properly labeling analog only TV’s, Value City Department Stores, Inc., ($216,000)¬† and Toys “R” Us, Inc., ($248,000).

Some of the previously fined retailers are challenging the authority of the FCC to fine them for violations of Section 15.117(k). AFAIK, the FCC has not made a formal response because this is going to federal court. It will be interesting to see who wins in court, if the FCC loses on this it could undermine much of the authority they need to keep our spectrum useful in the coming century. If that happens the Congress will need to re-write the legislation authorizing the FCC so, that we can have useful wired and wireless communication and broadcasting services. I’ll be following this story closely as it develops and will post when I have new information.

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