911 troofers pop up on an engineering list again

Here’s an exchange from an engineering mail list.

Yes and what about WTC7? There was no airplane attack on that 47 story
building and it went down in the classic controlled demolition style!
You should not need more than one of these wakeup “Aha’s” to doubt the whole
official story!
Its a question of honor for engineers to be above the unwitting when it
comes to the manipulation dosed out to the masses!

Another engineer posted this nicely done response.

I was once very concerned with the facts about WTC7

Now, I have seen a large body of evidence that convinces me the building WAS
hit very hard by one of the towers on the side opposite the standard
pictures you are shown and was about to come down with or with out any
fires. The fires were also NOT minor, but from the outside, may have
appeared to be so.

http://www.debunking911.com/pull.htm is a very good site with most of the

I responded with this comment.

Good reference …, another one I like for the Larry Silverstein “Pull it”
quote is:

I expect there will be an increase in the conspiracy theories about WTC 7
over the next few months. The draft of the NIST WTC 7 report is due out this
July and the final report should come this fall. Once the report is out, it
will be much harder to get people on board with the conspiracy theories. Of
course the 9/11 conspiracy theorists will never go away, recently I stumbled
across a new conspiracy theory for the President Lincoln assassination,

The original nutcase responded with this diatribe [Bold emphasis mine].

Im frightened by the prevalence of people that take any shortcut to thinking
for themselves, people that overcome their doubts because of brown peer
, and people that buy into the stereotypes projected by the
liberally corporate media that has replaced government that paints humans
brave enough to speak up with scarewords like ‘conspiracy loons’ and then
takes you to lala land with false moonlandings alien ufo coverups, etc. …
The average beer bozo then is distracted enough to take the bait and go on
about Lincoln, Kennedy and you name it whatever far from the issue at hand!
Hey I reviewed it again today who can argue it more bullet prove and
impartial then ‘Architects and Engineers for 911 truth’ with “How The Towers
Watch it if you are ready to know the Matrix!

Wow this guy is not just a 911 Troofer but also a bigoted racist. Two bad tastes that combined make me taste vomit. Who can argue with a group of conspiracy minded architects with no experience in skyscraper engineering, demolition and fire fighting? Everyone with a brain in their head.

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