FCC wants to make Do Not Call list permanent

Conformity Magazine pointed me to this December 4th notice from the FCC. The commission would like to eliminate the automatic expiration for the Do Not Call registry. I think every US citizen who is not employed in the telemarketing industry would like this rule change to go through.

The statement of Chairman Kevin J. Martin sums up the commission’s decision:

Today’s action tentatively concludes that telephone numbers registered in the National Do-Not- Call Registry will not expire after 5 years. The Commission continues to move forward to protect consumers who have registered their telephone numbers on the Do-Not-Call list. Consumers expect their telephone numbers to remain protected under the Do-Not-Call list until they have cancelled their registration or their telephone number is disconnected or reassigned.

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  1. After all the skullduggery the FCC has been serving up with the broadcast flag and other crap, it’s good to see they’re finally doing something worthwhile and in the public interest (the latter of which is the part of their job description they’ve seemingly forgotted as of late).


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