CPSC and FDA news

Via Conformity Magazine here’s some recent Consumer Product Safety Commission and Food and Drug Administration news.

iPods May Cause Pacemaker Malfunction, is this proof that too much rock n’ roll can kill. 🙂

What a bargain, save a buck on toothpaste at a dollar store and receive a poison in your body for free: FDA Warns Consumers About Toothpaste from China . Here’s the FDA notice, DEG in Toothpaste, I think I’ll skip the small savings and keep my health. Remember cheap stuff is just that, cheap stuff so be careful what you buy.

Finally, here’s the latest CPSC Actions In The News. It sure is loaded with products manufactured in China (4 out of 5). I wonder if this is due to Chinese manufacturing quality or just because very few things these days are made anywhere else.

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