New version of Joost

I’ve installed and am trying out the new Joost beta version “Friends Edition 0.10.2”. The new designation “Joost beta – Now For Friends” marks the unlimited availability of invites to hand out.

I had gotten some invites a couple weeks ago and gave them out to readers who asked for them. So, if any reader wants a Joost invite leave a comment and I’ll send you an invite. To send an invite Joost requires your first and last names plus an e-mail address. To make sure the whole internet doesn’t see your e-mail address, simply put it in the e-mail address field of the comment submission form, that way only I will see it.

Launching version 0.10.2 for the first time I found it to be about the same as the previous version. The UI is changed slightly and I did get to watch a few minutes of video (previous record for length was about 15 seconds). My guess is that the only play for a short time problems are simply server overloads that will be corrected soon. It still has some quirks when on my secondary monitor, tray icon menu disappears, choppy playback in full screen mode but, other non-beta applications I use (e.g. MS Media Center, Adobe Reader) have annoying quirks on my secondary display too.

Overall Joost shows much promise and I intend to keep playing with it for a least a few months. In the meantime I can still get my fix of IP TV like DL.TV and Cranky Geeks automatically via Instant Media.


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