Intervideo MediaOne Gallery = Huge Problems

I received a copy of Intervideo MediaOne Gallery when I purchased Ulead DVD Movie Factory 5 Plus yesterday. So today I decided to check it out since I’m stuck at home with a cold trying to relax and get well. I should have read this review by CNET about it’s sister application first.

This program is yet another all in one media organizer but with a twist. The installer is terrible causing WinXP hard crashes and then the uninstaller won’t work. Using information in the CNET review and my general knowledge I was finally able to eradicate the program but it took many hours. On the bright side while I was ripping out the Intervideo MediaOne Gallery, I also completely eradicated WinDVD and the Interactual player. My system now seems much faster and more stable.

I think I’ll keep far far away from Intervideo products in the future.

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