Another Outlook annoyance

Since I wrote my last entry I’ve been experiencing another annoying Outlook problem. Ever since I started using OL2003 at the main office, the OL2000 copies I use at at my home office won’t terminate. I have two copies of Outlook2K one on Win2KPro and the other on WinXpPro. On both of them when I close OL its window terminates but the process remains.

I’ve scoured the net for clues to the cause of the hanging but to date I’ve not found a solution. Since the only change has been using OL03 at work, I think that even though I told OL03 to leave the PST file as 2000 format, OL03 has changed something in the file that OL2K doesn’t like.

I suspect that if I buy two copies of OL03 to upgrade the OL2k PC’s the problem will go away. However Microsoft is not encouraging me to upgrade because according to their web site an upgrade is not available and a new license is $109 US. There is no way Micro$oft is getting $218 more out of me for Outlook licenses. I could also change the Office03 install back to Office2K but I really want to avoid that since most of the other PC’s there are using 03.

Since I won’t pay and I haven’t found a solution, I have just been terminating OL with Task Manager whenever I close it. Today while searching again for solutions I found a program that will make living with this problem less annoying. KnockOut is a great little program to make terminating Outlook and Word more convenient. Thank you Jensen Harris for making this handy program.

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