Happy Darwin Day

Today, February 12th, we celebrate Charles Darwin‘s birthday. Take a moment to read this short biography or view his life in pictures. If you’re more ambitious you can read some of his great works at Project Gutenberg or the University of Cambridge Darwin website.

Over the past year and a half I’ve looked at the intelligent design hypothesis debate. I’ve read everything I could find written by the proponents and I can’t find anything useful in this hypothesis. It very simply boils down to a hypothesis that when you see something in biology that you can’t explain, stop looking for an explanation and simply say, it’s that way because some intelligent designer made it that way.

So, as far as I can tell, proponents of the intelligent design hypothesis are either trying to avoid doing the hard work (lazy) or are simply pushing to substitute a philosophy/religion for science. I firmly believe we should not teach laziness or philosophy/religion in science classes lest we stop all the wonderful advancements that humanity can make in coming centuries.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Thanks to Dr. Phil Plait for reminding me of the anniversary of this tragic event.

Apollo 1 fire: 40 years ago today

I was only seven years old when this happened but, I still remember how sad I was at the loss of some of my heroes. Growing up in the sixties, the NASA Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts inspired my lifelong love of science. They risked their lives on every mission to expand the boundaries of science. His blog post talks about it better than I can.

FYI – Per ardua ad astra means, Through difficulty to the stars.

Kent Hovind sentenced

Thanks to Pharyngula for this post: Kent Hovind: 10 years! I’m glad to see that even a right-wing fundametalist law breaker gets what’s coming to them.

Sadly he has so many crazy followers I suspect he’ll get his fines paid and continue to preach his nonsense from his jail cell. So far I have not met a single evangelical preacher who appears to be in any business other than taking advantage of the emotions and lack of intelligence of their followers. They all seem to be in it only for the fame, power and money it brings them.